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From Chairman's Desk

CA Gaurav Kakkar
Chairman, ICAI Doha Chapter

My dear professional colleagues,


This is my first communiquéto all of you. I sincerely seek your blessings and support towards the team and the activities we will perform.

I feel extremely privileged to take over as 36th Chairman of ICAI, Doha Chapter. The journey from being inducted as a member in 2011 to now reaching this epitome has been a great experience and all the lessons I learnt will stay with me for my life.

Having worked under great leaders who led this chapter with utmost passion and dedication, I am confident of executing my roles and responsibilities and it’s with trepidation mingled with excitement that I look ahead to the upcoming year in this voluntary position.

I extend my sincere thanks to all our chapter members for electing me as Chairman of this illustrious forum and my heartiest gratitude to my predecessors and the founding fathers of this profession. I also extend my sincere thanks, through this page, to all my professional friends and well-wishers. I will continue to seek your support and cooperation for the growth and development of our profession and the chapter.

I would also like to thank our immediate past Chairman and my chapter colleague CA. Raja Gopalakrishnan with a promise that we will work around the vision with which he had flagged the Chapter’s journey last year and achieved many significant milestones taking the profession and the chapter to newer and greater heights. He and his straightforward approach in the professional issues has inspired all of us.

I would like to congratulate CA Rupalakshmi Setty for being elected as the Vice-Chairperson, CA Rukkaiya Pachisa as Secretary and CA Sandeep Chaudhury as Treasurer. I also congratulate CA Nirlep Bhatt, CA Jithu Koshy, CA Abdul Nassar and CA Ankit Agarwal for being elected as the members of executive committee.  

I look forward to work with Rupa. Together, we will be a team, each reflecting our own strengths and covering each other for any individual problems that may arise! We know we’ll have a busy diary but we stand committed to the responsibilities we assumed.  I also look forward to working alongside my fellow members in the team. Collectively they bring an incredible cross section of knowledge and expertise.

May God give me vigour and wisdom to steer the profession further and fulfill the expectations of all.

Serving our Chapter and the members will remain the central focus of my mission as we have planned series of events and activities to ensure our members get the best out of this term.

Some of these key activities/initiatives include

  • Monthly CPE Seminars on the most relevant topics, delivered by eminent speakers
  • Felicitation programs for achievers within our fraternity
  • Technical workshops
  • Certification courses
  • Celebration of CA Day
  • Annual International conference
  • Cricket fiesta
  • CSR events
  • Health and education events
  • Support programs for aspiring students
  • Family events
  • Others

This is just a beginning; I will continue to seek your feedback and support to do events and activities which will add greater value to our members.

CAGaurav Kakkar
ICAI – Doha Chapter